Luxottica Group's New Product Release 2019 Sunglasses New Trend

- Jun 22, 2019-

The four popular trends released this time not only showcases the multi-innovation of Luxottica 's product series based on design and fashion concepts, but also reflects Lu Luxottica in the ever-changing market, adhering to the Group's core philosophy and persisting in its application. Exquisite craftsmanship creates the ingenuity of eyewear products.


Retro style


The retro style of the strong return is the biggest darling of the fashion circle. The classic elements of the 60-70s are popular among young people today, and they are once again in this season's glasses trend. Oval glasses with metal borders, cat eye glasses, and retro neutral frames, these classic shapes with retro-tone lenses, create a new style with multiple charms. The understated frame is reinterpreted from a modern perspective to create a contemporary retro look.


With the irresistible understated look, this classic 70's oval sunglasses adds many color options. Infused with a touch of fresh color for the iconic metal frame, matte and modern two-tone mirror lenses add a touch of coolness.


Lighter, finer and stronger than ever, Ray-Ban redefines the avant-garde style of all-metal fashion. The understated elliptical optics feature a new lens look, modern matte finishes and subtle subtle colours that make it a focal point.


Oliver Sun sunglasses blend the retro sensibility and classic beauty of the 1960s with a touch of Southern California style, with Oliver Peoples' signature details, creating new classics through the years of experience.


90's style sunglasses with a flat long lens shape and a slight end wrap. Saurine has launched several stylings that combine style and style. The thick sheet perfectly presents the brand's magnificent new gemstone color.