March Tag Heuer Optical Held In Shanghai From Coke 'HOYA Myopia Theory And Results Of Expert Seminar'

- Oct 15, 2018-

Since early march tag heuer optical held in Shanghai from coke "HOYA myopia theory and results of expert seminar", after a by tag heuer optical and the Hong Kong polytechnic university joint research and development, the area more positive from coke (D.I.M.S.) design technology, the breakthrough myopia control effect of the optical lens of the upcoming news spread in the optical industry in China.

The product was officially launched in Hong Kong on July 12 under the brand name Myosmart, drawing more and more attention to its domestic launch.

On July 27, innovation and development Vision China 2018 Vision international BBS lake yanxi in Beijing international exhibition center, elegant optical held during the period of "optical from coke and myopia control seminar and elegant optical product launch", this groundbreaking myopia control effect of products in mainland China announced officially listed, product name, called new academic ™ ™ myopia is more focal lens (hereinafter referred to as the new academic lens).