My Lovely Pencil Case

- May 10, 2018-

My pencil box, simple and fashionable creative stationery design, easy to use, and can put stationery at the same time, durable and not easy to break, small body to carry around. My stationery boxes have different shapes, different colors, different materials, and different origins.

I think the pencil-box is like a small house with a rubber brother, sister pencil and a ruler. My favorite is a lovely pencil case sent by my friend. The designer's design idea is very new. The color collocation is very different from the general stationery box, its background color is sky blue, more clear than blue sky blue; The edges are white, whiter than white, especially clean; The top of the box was a beautiful orange-red color, much redder than the bright orange, especially striking. The design is not old, from the box above, the left side of the lid is a beautiful Snow White, holding a red apple in hand; On the right side of the box was seven lovely dwarfs, laughing happily!

Turn on the magnet switch of the pencil case, with the school timetable in it, and a separate box on the bottom of the syllabus, which can be used for stationery!

I like my pencil-box, I must take good care of it, cherish it, let it become my little helper.