’New Entrants’ In The Retail Industry, How To Earn Money In The Future?

- Jul 30, 2019-

The product structure of global optical retail is undergoing changes, optical lenses have been continuously growing, contact lenses have grown steadily, and care liquid products have shown a downward trend due to the impact of contact lens short-cycle products. The retail sales of sunglasses are shrinking.

According to GfK data, from 2008 to 2017, the retail sales of optical glasses has reached 50.5 billion.

The entire optical retail industry will be launched. It can be seen that for the traditional glasses sellers such as Daming Glasses, Wu Liangcai Glasses and Daguangming Glasses, the improvement of the technical field is the core challenge. Since 2014, a large number of traditional eyewear chain brands have emerged and In the next few years, the emergence of new consumption channels will not share the market share of traditional glasses technology retail.

With professional optician technology, Beijing Daming Glasses has always maintained a leading position in the Chinese optical retail industry, and is a traditional art school. Qin Yingrui is the leading figure in the domestic optometry profession. The chief optometry technician studio of Daming Glasses, led by him, provides a comprehensive solution for the fitting of high-hardness glasses.

For Baodao glasses, it is true that the constant change in the tradition, now Baodao glasses through the combination of technology and industry, to achieve a new scene, this is the key to change. In the future, the stores of Baodao Glasses are both medical pre-positions and medical entrances. The common people (60.310, 1.31, 2.22%) may be more willing to screen their own photos of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or eye diseases through the fundus photos, instead of Blindly contrasted by search engines.

The transformation of Baodao is not done overnight. Cross-border health is due to the medical background of the eye-light industry. The intelligent screening through AI is inseparable from the comprehensive digital reform of Baodao glasses in the early years. At that time, Baodao had already created medical records for all users. It is also natural to fill in more dimensional content today.

LensCrafters has always been the internationalized retail chain of glasses, and is the largest chain retail brand under the Luxottica Group, the world's number one high-end eyewear manufacturing group. However, with the emergence of the internationalized optical retail brand, the bright spot is in danger.

Although the glasses industry is known as the profiteering industry, the pain points of the industry are really exposed at the moment, and the traditional glasses brand is gradually reducing the proportion by technology-led advantages. The phenomenon of homogenization services is serious, and the result of industry mergers may occur in the next few years.

At the same time, the contact points that guide consumers to purchase goods are growing, and the path that influences consumers' decisions is also changing and more diversified. Consumer brand loyalty is reduced, consumers' purchasing factors change, and the influencing factors are more from word of mouth, social, forums and e-commerce websites.