New Generation Of Augmented Reality Glasses That Are 'cheap And Affordable' Are Coming

- Jun 23, 2019-

Core Technology News (Text/Allis), according to The Verge, Epson is about to launch new augmented reality glasses in June, which is more convenient than previous generations. The Moverio BT-30C glasses can be connected to an Android phone or a Windows computer via a USB-C interface and are priced at $499.


Although the design of the Moverio glasses can only project the screen into the air, allowing the user to control the screen through the mobile phone, the overall is not as good as Google Glass or Microsoft's HoloLens precision, but "The Verge" believes that the glasses are still doing very well, projection The images are clear and bright, and this time the BT-30C has added a suitable size for people with smaller heads, and it doesn't always slip like the old glasses.


In addition, the glasses can be used to deliver three different applications at a time, and the user can switch by turning the head.


Eric Mizufuka, Epson's product manager, said he doesn't think the current augmented reality is mass-market oriented, and that the technology will not depend entirely on the mainstream market for the next three to five years. They are currently the same as other AR manufacturers, with corporate users as their primary customer base. However, they are also trying to find a wider range of users, and now they will use their glasses when they are guided by a movie theater or museum.


Mizufuka said that they hope to enter the consumer market through BT-30C glasses and provide consumers with more affordable prices than other products on the market. Although BT-30C is still not a mainstream product, the price will definitely make this product look more expensive. A little attractive. "The Verge" believes that after Epson launches BT-30C glasses, other companies can take the opportunity to see how consumers react to the augmented reality market.