Overview Of Kids Glasses Case

- May 15, 2018-

There are many types of kid’s glasses cases, such as plastic case, metal hard case, magic case, hand-made case, EVA case etc., and which has many differences efficacy in the using.

Plastic-made kids eyeglasses case. 

Due to the cheap price, which account for the 50% market share, and the plastic material enable the case has great pressure-resistance.

Metal-made kids optical case.

The most we can see and used is metal hard case, which covered with paper or other material that with nice printing effect, those kinds of cases that have wonderful printing artworks, makes it looks nice and fashionable.  

Magic kids eyewear case

It is a kind of novelty and fantastic case, can turn over 360 degrees, can printing any artworks, which created a hot selling situation once come into the market, especially for the young generation’s pursuing and admiring.

Hand-made kids spectacle case

It is a kind of hand-made, personalized customized case, and the price is slightly higher, which is its maximum limit point.

EVA-made kids eyeglasses case

EVA is a kind of camera bag with good characteristics of cushioning, aseismic, thermal insulation, moisture proof, anti - chemical corrosion, etc., and it is non - toxic and non - absorbent. The fabric selection is diversified, shape shaping is easy, widely used in all kinds of glasses packaging industry: sunglasses case, diving mirror case, goggles case, ordinary frame glasses case, etc. 

Kids glasses case in the shape feature is the key to affect the whole out-looking, so through the selection in the design, help people recognize the skill of choose and buy glasses box, by reasonable skills to help, in ensuring that glasses box to buy quality improved at the same time, also to choose the contentment of the goods.