People's Daily: Authorities Teach You Scientific Prevention And Control Of Myopia

- Nov 13, 2019-

Authoritative department teaches you to prevent and control myopia

1 pay attention to the reading and writing posture, the eyes are one foot away from the book;

2 control the use of electronic products time;

3 Actively participate in physical exercise and do more than 2 hours of outdoor activities every day;

4 to maintain a balanced diet, not picky eaters, not partial eclipse, not overeating;

5 keep enough sleep;

6 Once diagnosed as myopia, wear glasses in time and follow the doctor's instructions.

Young people have a myopia rate of more than half! Students with poor eyesight are quick to receive scientific eye protection guide

According to data released by the National Health and Health Commission, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in China nationwide was 53.6% in 2018, and that of high school students was 81.0%. The China Consumers Association report shows that young people's first contact with electronic devices and online games are showing a trend of younger age, and there are hidden concerns about the visual status of young people. Eye protection can not be delayed, what should be done from the beginning to the care of the TA!