Prevent Myopia And Wear Glasses

- Nov 09, 2018-

On October 8, on the occasion of the annual "world vision day", yishi lu aiyan squad arrived at the minhang campus of Shanghai jiaotong university in the morning and set up a booth at the ticket distribution site of the welcome party, bringing a rich interactive experience for students of jiaotong university and calling on students to pay attention to their vision health. To prevent myopia, wear glasses and glasses boxes.

Lively scene atmosphere, fun "eye age" interactive attracted students to watch. From your test results, we found that the proportion of college students who "sleep late" and "bow down" is very high. Attention, class! Excessive use of the eye, may be the cause of "aging" vision! In addition, the team also brought advanced VR experience equipment this time, enabling students to feel the clear visual effects and comfortable wearing experience brought by different functional lenses.