Profits Divide The Family

- Jun 06, 2018-

Brands have a 7.5 per cent "profit agreement" with eyewear makers.

LVMH, for example, has licensed five brands of glasses to sauvignon for a total of 350 million euros.

LVMH took 7.5 percent to 26 million euros.

That may not seem like much for LVMH, but considering the group's recent negative growth in fashion leather goods, the 20 to 30 million euros is precious.

Mediobanca, an Italian investment bank, estimates annual sales of several big-brand glasses:

Gucci is over $100 million; Dior 200 million euros, while armani, who split with sauvignon three years ago and moved to Luzon tika, has more than 100 million dollars.

The loss of Gucci and armani is self-evident. Sauvignon is frequently abandoned, and the other two groups cannot afford not to be anxious.

They have always been both a surrogate brand and a private brand. Half of their business is from big brands.

Luzon, which sells 9 billion euros a year, has not fared much better, with sources saying he paid a huge price to retain Prada before renewing his contract for 10 years.