Ray-ban, Bolon And Other Six Brands Opened Decoration The ExhibitionOn

- Nov 27, 2018-

September 27-29, bargain, DW, CASIO, armani, FOSSIL, ray-ban, Bolon six big watch glasses brand, bend force to build a "super bargain day, watch special glasses", to "act the role of unstoppable triumphant return" as the theme, through a trendsetter to watch glasses accessories trends and take the pain points. Poviding watch glasses category consumption upgrade as the core solution, through online shopping spree and offline new retail store rich experience to upgrade the consumer experience, brings a new experience for consumers, deep the quality of the interactive marketing

New retail experience in modern fashion store, consumers can experience on site 6 big brands of the latest hottest sheet is tasted.Can also sweep yards into the phone at the same time in the experience of the clean out treasure to learn more about the product and brand information. And can directly place an order, waiting for watch or glasses home delivery.http://www.gift-package.com/