Regulate The Institutions Of Myopia Correction, And Regulate Blindness

- Apr 05, 2019-

Recently, there are media reporters in jilin, henan, anhui, sichuan and other places survey found that some of the myopia correction and treatment institutions can join most of the money, training a few days can go on duty, under the guise of "myopia", but actually staring at the parents purse.Parents not only spend a lot of money, some treatment even delayed the opportunity to prevent, affect the children's eye health, myopia correction market order urgent need to regulate.

One detail is intriguing.A staff member of a myopia correction institution said, "if we do it right, we can make a net profit of 1 million yuan in the first year.The so-called "fool industry", intriguing, both that some illegal businessmen as consumers as a fool, but also that the industry is in a state of barbaric growth, the lack of rules and regulations.The truth is, most of these organizations have the money to join and the training to go with it.For example, a franchise store in changchun, jilin, relevant personnel training a total of 7 days on the post, do not need any professional qualifications, just registered in the industrial and commercial bureau.

At a time when streamlining administration and delegating power has been vigorously promoted, it is normal to lower the threshold for opening stores and simplify procedures, but this does not mean leaving them unattended."Let go" is to let go, not indulge;Pipe, not pipe.In other words, the cancellation of the pre-approval of the cancellation, but the ongoing post-supervision can not be thrown away.Regulate the institutions for the correction of myopia, and don't regulate myopia, let alone blindness.

Above all, allow false propaganda, do not give hustler living space."10 minutes a day, 10 days to improve your eyesight" and "shake off your glasses," according to a billboard for a vision correction service.This is an exaggeration.If we say that false propaganda violates laws and regulations such as the advertising law, then once there is a problem, we will run away with it.

Secondly, establish rules and regulations and establish industry standards.Should correctional myopia establish a standard?The answer is yes.After all, the problem of children's myopia is not a trivial matter, but a matter of children's healthy growth.Setting standards is not to spite practitioners, but for the healthy development of the industry, but also the need to protect the healthy growth of children.

Current, already had a few places to see the disorder of market of myopia correct, realize its harm, begin to have specific aim ground to manage.For example, some local governments have strengthened the supervision of advertisements and investigated and punished false and illegal advertisements of myopia prevention and control products according to law.The enterprises of optometry and glasses and other related industries that violate laws and regulations shall be incorporated into the national enterprise credit information publicity system to publicize to the society.What's more, it is necessary to establish a certification system related to eyeglasses and strictly determine the qualification of eye and optometry product testing institutions.Strict protection of intellectual property rights in related fields...Do not have standard to become a radius, administrative myopia corrects an orgnaization to be in disorder, should stand first custom, standard sets up.

Finally, guard against "small glasses" tall hair, caress child vision.Current, myopia of our country student presents high hair, low senility trend.To some extent, "small glasses" are an important reason for the proliferation of short-sightedness correction institutions, and parents' anxiety and eagerness to correct their children's short-sightedness are also the basis for some institutions to charge excessive prices.