Shandong Province Ordinary High School Students Myopia By More Than Ninety Percent! 6 Years Old Children Myopia Rate Was 18.27%

- Jun 10, 2019-

Adolescent myopia problem, has been focused on in recent years. But the problem really serious to what degree? Shandong province government information office held a press conference said: at present, child and adolescent myopia has become a major public health problem. The myopia by more than ninety percent of ordinary high school students! 6 years old children myopia rate was 18.27%.


In June 2018, the national health committee, our children myopia rate was first in the world; In November 2018 to March 2019, the provincial health committee, education department, the departments jointly organized the shandong province children myopia investigation, survey scope covers all 16 city. According to the myopia screening standard, general myopia rate was 58.66%, male and female students myopia rate were 54.50% and 63.37% respectively. Kindergarten children myopia rate was 18.27%, 6 years old pupils myopia rate was 37.85%, the junior middle school students myopia rate was 77.86%, high school students (including high school) myopia rate was 88.14% (among them, the ordinary high school students myopia rate was 91.27%, vocational high school students myopia rate was 76.28%).


On April 22, with the approval of the provincial government, provincial education department, such as 9 departments issued "child and adolescent myopia comprehensive prevention and control in shandong province to promote plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "push"). "Push" clear goal: by 2023, strive to achieve the province's overall, child and adolescent myopia rate in 2018 will be reduced by more than 0.5% a year, on the basis of a high incidence of myopia, reduce more than 1% a year. By 2030, to achieve the province children new myopia rate dropped significantly, the overall level of the child and adolescent eyesight health significantly increased, 6 years old children myopia rate control at about 3%, pupils myopia rate dropped to below 38%, junior middle school students myopia rate dropped to below 60%, high school students myopia rate dropped to below 70%, the national standard of student physique healthy standard proficiency of more than 25%.


Put forward the propulsion plan, by 2023, the province all the municipal and county (city, area) of child and adolescent myopia prevention and control institutions and clear demonstration base. Children eye health records by inputting rate was 100%. All primary and secondary schools to open his full health education curriculum, students, teachers and parents to aware of knowledge about prevention and control of myopia reached 100%.