Shenzhen University General Hospital Set Up A Child And Adolescent Myopia Prevention And Control Base

- Jul 21, 2019-

Recently, Shenzhen University General Hospital and Shenzhen Optometry Association jointly established the Shenzhen University General Hospital Child and Adolescent Myopia Prevention and Control Base and officially opened the operation on July 6. The base was established to provide comprehensive treatment for every patient. Humanized and professional eye care services.

According to the data of Shenzhen CDC, the visual acuity rate of students in Shenzhen primary and secondary schools was 49.51%. Among them, the prevalence rate of primary school students was 41.85%, that of junior high school students was 75.22%, and that of high school students was 82.86%. Myopia has become an important issue that plagues the healthy growth of children and adolescents in China.

Eye optometry service is still in the growth stage in China. In most people's cognition, wearing glasses, the problem of myopia seems to be solved. As everyone knows, myopia prevention and control can be used to determine the target of intervention.

The establishment of the child and adolescent myopia prevention and control base of the General Hospital of Shenzhen University combines the advantages of the hospital's professional and standardized diagnosis and treatment with the advantages of doctoral glasses in the supply chain, fitting and customer visual files, and exerts synergy and demonstration effects. It is conducive to improving the level of medical and health care services, and is also conducive to the gradual exploration of a new mode of integrated optometry services, reflecting the service value of professional optometry services. Integrate hospitals, society and other optometry and ophthalmology resources to jointly protect children's and adolescents' vision health.

Shenzhen University General Hospital has always remembered the social responsibilities that it shoulders. It hopes to play a synergistic effect and demonstration role through the youth myopia prevention and control base, which will help to raise the level of primary health care and health care services and create a “public health education platform”.

In the prevention and control of myopia, Dr. Glasses has also fulfilled its social responsibilities. On June 6 this year, National Eyes Day, Dr. Glasses and Luohu Hospital Group jointly built the Shenzhen Children's Youth Center for Youth and Youth Prevention and Control. Only one month later, Dr. Glasses has taken a solid step in exploring a new model of integrated optometry services. With the accumulated experience in optician optometry services, efficient supply chain management, and customer visual files, the University of Shenzhen has once again gained the advantage of Shenzhen University. The trust of the general hospital has become a partner, providing support for talents, technology, equipment, and research and development.