Sichuan Zigong Launched A Child And Adolescent Myopia Prevention And Control Education Project, Dedicated To Effectively Reducing Myopia

- May 12, 2019-

Zhang Qiang, deputy director of the Education and Sports Bureau of Zigong City, said that in order to better solve the problem of increasing myopia rate among teenagers, the bureau will hand in Zigong Aier Eye Hospital and use the talents, technology and equipment advantages of the hospital to be a teenager of Zigong School. Children carry out regular voluntary eye health examinations, scientific eye training and lectures, establish visual development files, carry out pilot practice of eye behavior intervention, establish a monitoring information platform for adolescents' refractive development files in Zigong City, and public welfare eye protection activities.

After the launch of the "Bright Eyes" project, eye health education, eye health screening, eye health information platform construction, teacher team professional knowledge training, and poor students' corneal transplantation will be carried out in Zigong City. "Children's medical glasses" subsidy subsidy, pilot use of eye behavior intervention, primary and secondary school students' prevention and control measures, primary and secondary school myopia data analysis, statistics, assessment and other systematic work, so that the eyes of the majority of young children bright.