Sports Glasses Market Has Money To Earn

- Aug 18, 2019-

Sports safety glasses are safe and used, and are used in outdoor sports such as skiing, swimming, and cycling. In recent years, with the country attaches great importance to the development of sports, a series of favorable policies have been issued, which has also spurred the attention of athletes on safety protection awareness and promoted the rapid development of sports protective glasses industry. China sports protective glasses market in 2018 The scale reached 5.5 billion yuan. In the future, with the improvement of residents' income level and the change of consumption concept, sports protective glasses as an important protective equipment, the demand for skiing, water sports, cycling sports, etc. is increasing.

Sports safety glasses are auxiliary equipment used to protect the eyes of athletes. In some rapid sports, air resistance is high or dust is weak in the air, and fragile eyes are vulnerable. Sports safety glasses can match the eyes of athletes. The outside is isolated to protect the eyes and prevent glare and wind from hurting the eyes.

The advanced equipment of sports glasses is usually safe (PC lens, PC lens is space film, is a kind of lens that is not broken or cracked, safety is 100%; polarized lens adopts polarization principle, can play the role of filtering stray light, can 100% filter harmful UV), protection (TR-90 frame is super tough resin material, soft and flexible), comfortable (slip nose pad and foot cover), beautiful (with sports, casual wear). It is suitable for use in sports such as motorcycles, skiing, and racing bicycles, or in deserts and plateaus where the environment is harsh.

Since the development of sports glasses, a complete industrial chain has been formed. From the upstream point of view, the main materials of sports safety glasses are polycarbonate (PC lens, PC frame), polyurethane (PU frame), rubber (flank, nose pad, headband, etc.), polyamide (nylon elastic band), Silicone (nose pads, non-slip silicone strips, etc.), breathable sponges, etc.

From the downstream point of view, the main application scenarios of sports safety glasses include mountaineering, swimming, cycling, skiing, basketball, etc. With the increase in the number of people participating in sports in China, the market demand for sports safety glasses will also be welcomed. A wave of growth.