Spring And Summer Communication, Folding Umbrella Is Essential!

- Aug 07, 2017-

Spring to summer, the soft spring is about to end the bright summer, the rainy season is coming in the past, others may feel that with the spring rainy season in the past, we umbrell industry should slowly enter the off-season, in fact, and uncertain.

Although the spring season is the spring season is the time to say the rainy season, it is also right, but after the rainy season is Yan Yan summer, but also another demand for umbrella season, umbrellas!

This season, Lieyang was about to go to power, with the day through the day, the arrival of the summer, the demand for parasols will be growing, especially for female friends, almost hand bag carrying a shade Umbrellas, of course, can easily carry out the umbrella style of course, is a folding umbrella, because it is folded about the size of about 25 cm or so, so special for female friends used to block the summer sun exposure.

That ordinary folding umbrella can be able to block the sun? That is not, umbrella it, to be in a layer of anti-UV glue, can become a sun can really block the sun umbrella it, so generally want to fit in this season Umbrella, then it must be pick with anti-ultraviolet folding umbrella have a role, like now on the market of black glue umbrella, silver plastic umbrella, or another layer of transparent UV glue, there is a sign that can be Very comfortable to shade it!

Of course, you choose the folding style is not simply that only a size, there are relatively small size, such as 19-inch, 21-inch, 23-inch, and so many kinds of three fold umbrella. Size to be 19-inch, 21-inch count is relatively short, suitable for female friends in the bag so that in this season, the spring and summer communication in the replacement, the most appropriate, not afraid of spring rain, also Do not be afraid of the summer of the day. The so-called home is the necessary thing!