Summer Is Here, How To Choose A Pair Of High Quality Sunglasses?

- Jul 08, 2019-

Speaking from color

Sunglasses come in many colors, brown, gray, green, yellow, red...


In fact, these sunglasses are not only different in color, but their effects are also different.


Brown color: It is recognized as the best lens color. It can absorb almost 100% of UV and infrared rays, and the color makes people feel comfortable and makes the eyes not easy to fatigue.


Gray: It absorbs infrared rays and most of the ultraviolet rays, and does not change the color of the objects you see. It is also a popular color choice.


Green: It can absorb infrared rays and most of the ultraviolet rays. It is similar to the gray system. The green and red colors in the light can also be filtered out, but the green sunglasses will change the color of the objects seen. The advantage is that in the hot summer days. Can give people a cool feeling.


Yellow: It can absorb 100% of ultraviolet light and a part of blue light. After filtering out the blue light, the objects seen will be more clear.


Red: Red lenses are better at blocking light with shorter wavelengths, and others are slightly inferior to other colors.


Talk about misunderstanding

Myth #1: The darker the sunglasses, the better?


As we said earlier, the green color and the yellow color are also good, so choose the color of the sunglasses or look at your personal preferences.


Myth 2: People with eye diseases should wear sunglasses when they go out?


If you have cataracts, conjunctivitis and these eye diseases, wearing a pair of sunglasses to go out can provide some protection.


But if you have color blindness, glaucoma, this eye disease, it is best not to wear it, it will aggravate the condition.


Myth #3: It is best for the elderly not to wear sunglasses?


As long as the quality of the eyes passes, there is no eye disease, and the old man with sunglasses is no problem.