The 11th China Ophthalmology And Visual Science Research Conference Opens

- Apr 18, 2019-

The 11th Chinese Congress of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology will be held in xiamen, fujian province, on April 11-14, 2019.This conference is sponsored by the Chinese medical association, the Chinese medical association ophthalmology branch and the youth committee of the Chinese medical association ophthalmology branch, and undertaken by the institute of ophthalmology of xiamen university and xiamen ophthalmology center affiliated to xiamen university.

The theme of this conference is "promoting source innovation and strengthening core competition". It will have a full exchange of views on the research progress of the main directions of ophthalmology and the research cooperation and cross-cutting in the fields closely related to ophthalmology, as well as a heated discussion on the basic and clinical research problems and research hotspots faced by ophthalmology. 

The conference covers eight academic areas, including:

1. Biochemistry, cell and molecular biology/stem cells, tumors;

2. Visual optics/visual development and related diseases;

3. Microbial immunity/infectious and immune eye diseases;

4. Genetic/hereditary eye diseases (including gene therapy);

5. Vascular and neurobiological/neuropathic blindness;

6. Biomedical engineering and innovative drug and translational research;

7. Biological big data, artificial intelligence and accurate diagnosis and treatment;

8. Others: various eye diseases research and epidemiological investigation related to clinical and prevention of blindness, large sample and multi-center research.

This conference also sets Keynote Speech, global Chinese PI BBS, youth BBS, and exhibition board. Famous experts and scholars at home and abroad, graduate student tutors, young scholars and POSTER authors will be invited to attend the Speech and platform, so as to increase the interaction and discussion during the