The 2-year-old Chinese Girl Was Abandoned Because Of A Pair Of 'blue Eyes' But Found 'parents' In The United States

- May 18, 2019-

Before telling this stinging story today, I invite you to close your eyes and imagine:

 If a girl is blind and has hearing difficulties, she may not even speak.

 Are you willing to adopt her?

You probably screamed like me, hesitating, and deterred.

 Even if there is only one of the above symptoms, most people will shake their heads and walk away if they ask themselves: I am sick? I will pay for such a child for the rest of my life...

There is no blame, because it is a very risky challenge for anyone.

However, a couple of common couples from Georgia, Chris Austin and Eryn Austin, did it! They spent a lot of time, after two years of long waiting and cumbersome procedures. Across 20,000 kilometers, it was only for adopting a Chinese girl who was blind, had hearing difficulties, and could not even speak.

When they make this brave decision, everyone feels that they are simply "the brain is sick"! The following story shows me that they are not only sick, but also the "unworthy" people in the world, giving the world "unworthy" love. Because, when making choices between right and love, they resolutely chose to love