The 30th Anniversary Of Oriental Glasses

- Jul 20, 2018-

On June 28, guangzhou dongfang glasses chain co., LTD held a celebration party for the 30th anniversary in guangzhou dongfang hotel. Compared with the hot rainy season in south China, the golden hall of dongfang hotel is full of friends. Nearly a thousand guests gathered here to celebrate the 30th anniversary of dongfang glasses.

A wonderful opening light show, quickly ignited the passion of the whole audience. Song ning, chairman of guangzhou dongfang glasses chain enterprise co., LTD., expressed his sincere welcome and thanks on behalf of the thousands of guests who attended the event. He is affectionate tone, let all the guests are deeply felt the 30 anniversary special meaning - as a private glasses retail enterprise, after 30 years of wind and rain temper, relying on the professional and integrity and innovation spirit, won the recognition of the market and consumers; In addition to dongfang's own efforts and efforts, we should also thank friends from various sectors of politics and business for their support and help. It was a moment to remember and celebrate for everyone present