The 5th China Shenzhen International Glasses Designer Competition In 2018

- Jan 14, 2019-

On the morning of December 28, Henggang fashion glasses industry park in e city was full of loud voices and warm atmosphere. Many top glasses industry leaders from home and abroad gathered here to participate in the 5th China Shenzhen international glasses designer competition in 2018.It is reported that the competition with the theme of "chuangxiang henggang, 'mirror' to watch its change", a total of nearly 100 contestants at home and abroad received nearly 150 pieces of work to participate in the competition.The competition invited the panel leader, Kniazeva Alesia, director of the international designer training platform in st. Petersburg, Russia, and the professional judges, including Ekaterina Smolina, President of the costume design department of st. Petersburg state economic university and school of creative industry, to be