The Danger Of High Myopia Is Not Only The Increase In The Thickness Of The Ophthalmic Lens

- Sep 05, 2019-

Myopia is not only an abnormality of refractive status, but also progresses to a certain stage, accompanied by organic changes, such as cataract, strabismus, amblyopia, and even retinal detachment, macular splitting, macular hole, etc., causing serious visual impairment, not only affecting patients Daily life also limits the choice of patients' careers. Therefore, do not let your child's myopia progress to high myopia.

It should be emphasized that low-to-medium myopia is not terrible. It is enough to wear appropriate glasses. However, the harm of high myopia is not only the increase of the thickness of the ophthalmic lens, but the high myopia will cause the eye axis to continue to stretch. The retina slowly thins and even breaks, the fundus is also ischemic, and the entire eye structure is destroyed. Therefore, from the perspective of prevention and control, we need to consider how to prevent the development of normal myopia in children into pathological myopia and high myopia. I believe that the core of children's prevention and treatment of myopia is "not to increase." In addition to strengthening outdoor sports, reducing the use of bad eye, etc., you can also use Ortho-K CL to delay the increase of myopia. The Orthokeratology can effectively delay the progress of myopia in young people. This has been agreed worldwide, but the current embarrassment is precisely that the ophthalmologist can't decide what glasses the patient wears, let alone the Ortho-K CL can not enter the hospital. Even ordinary glasses can't enter the hospital. This situation makes the corneal shaping mirror market mixed, and there are still difficulties in standard, quality control and data census. Professional ophthalmologists cannot better participate in myopia prevention and control.