The 'didi Dache' Model Of The Glasses Industry Has Arrived

- Sep 06, 2018-

In the new retail era, the eyewear industry faces many opportunities and challenges, and "innovation and transformation" is essential for traditional eyewear retail stores. On the afternoon of August 10th, "the power of change -- innovation and transformation of traditional glasses stores new retail summit and introduction of wo mu visual health project" was held in the conference hall of jinan platinum international hotel.

This conference sponsored by the Shanghai mirror boring technology co., LTD., grain visual health project to undertake, new optical chairman and founder of the grain eye vision health, tian hong hong as Mr South, jinan second people's hospital chief physician of ophthalmology Li Jihua teacher, founder of institute of new retailers big tao teacher, Shanghai international designer platform, co-founder of zhang teacher, electric commerce business experts, grain visual health operation director zheng tao teacher, Shanghai beyond glasses co., LTD., chairman of Mr Liu Jiaoxin such important guests to attend. At the same time invited to jinan huamao, danyang yajun, jinmao optics and many other industry participants. China glasses technology magazine, the first glasses, China glasses network and other media invited to the event.