The District Head Endorsement Of ’Bohai Glasses’, The Three Major Transformations Have Seen Initial Results

- May 10, 2019-

According to the planning of the Ouhai District Government of Wenzhou City, the Bohai Optical Industry should build “China's Optical Capital” and plan to create 50 billion or even 100 billion yuan of output value in the next 5-10 years.

How can the traditional manufacturing industry break through the development bottleneck and achieve transformation and upgrading? The Bohai glasses industry handed over the "three" transcripts.

In terms of industrial form, the clustering effect of the Bohai glasses industry has become more apparent. Last year, the Bohai District Government announced that it would spend 5 billion yuan to build a Chinese (Bohai) glasses town. So far, it has settled in five new companies. It has accumulated 155 well-known glasses companies, 2 high-tech enterprises, and 8 provincial science and technology enterprises. Family. At the same time, the Bohai District is also equipped with a cross-border e-commerce park and an electroplating park, which provides key technical support for the production of frames.

In terms of manufacturing methods, we are turning to intelligence. Take the pioneering Tongda Optics as an example. In the past three years, it has invested more than 30 million yuan in “machine substitution”, reducing employees by 25% and increasing labor productivity by 29%. Overall, through the “machine substitution”, the labor productivity of the Bohai glasses industry increased by 17.78% year-on-year. In terms of research and development, in 2017, glasses companies invested nearly 68 million yuan in research and development, and the number of patents granted in the industry reached 154, an increase of 2.84 percentage points over the previous year.

In terms of quality standards, Bohai Optical Industry's right to speak has been continuously improved. The industry has participated in the revision of two national industry standards for lenses and glasses. At the same time, there are four Bohai glasses companies - Tongda, Ted, Hengda and Guanhao. Take the lead in formulating the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" standard.