The Earliest Glasses In The World Were The Glasses Invented By Bacon

- Dec 20, 2019-

World Record Name: The earliest glasses in the world were the glasses invented by Bacon


World Record Starter: Bacon


World Record Holder: Bacon


World Record Field: Biotechnology


World record rules: the world's earliest glasses


World Record Values: Mid 13th Century


World Record Number: 20170900296


World record validity period: Until the world record is broken.


World Record Witness: Flag Carrying World Record Witness 002 Flag Carrying World Record Witness 003


World Record Source: World Record Database


World Record Certification Date: September 6, 2017


World record details:


  The earliest glasses in the world were the glasses invented by Bacon. In the early morning after the rain, Bacon walked to a small park not far from home, and saw a lot of water droplets on the spider web. Through the crystal clear water droplets on the spider web, Bacon could clearly see the veins of the leaves. After repeated observations, Bacon found that water droplets have the effect of magnifying the real thing. So, Bacon quickly returned to his home. According to his discovery, he found a glass marble and divided it into two. He placed it on a hollowed-out wooden board and placed a handle on the edge of the wooden board. For easy movement. The experimental results show that the text seen through the glass marbles is indeed much clearer than the text seen without the help of tools. Subsequently, this invention of Bacon spread in society, this is the earliest glasses in the world.


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