The First Service Specification For Children's Optometric Glasses Has Been Issued

- Jul 18, 2018-

On July 3, 2018, Shanghai bureau of quality and technical supervision, the Shanghai glasses industry association in Shanghai people's political consultative conference, held "enterprise standard 'leaders' conference in Shanghai and the Shanghai local standard" child optometry and mirror technology service specification "conference", the city's glasses fitting the relevant person in charge of the relevant person in charge of enterprises, brand enterprises and related media to attend this meeting.

Made a "Shanghai Shanghai glasses industry association secretary-general Hu Dongfang enterprise standard" leader "evaluation case" report, in response to the "state council on the central committee of the communist party of China to carry out quality improvement action guidance" to speed up the standard gear upgrades, standard supply system reform, push convert standard from production to consumption of consumer goods, service, encourage and guide enterprises to take the initiative to develop and implement advanced standard and self statement in public, Shanghai glasses industry association authorized by Shanghai bureau of quality and technical supervision, to undertake the enterprise standard of Shanghai "leader" (glasses fitting) activities, promote service standards and quality improvement.