The Government Threw Its Weight Behind The Western Tour

- Oct 16, 2018-

It is understood that in addition to better training local doctors, the "western tour" project also plans to establish a corneal transplant center and eye bank based on the areas that have been visited. At present, urumqi, xi 'an, lanzhou and yinchuan have each identified a local corneal disease academic leader. "Two of the four have gone to aier eye hospital in Beijing for six months of professional training. So said professor li shaowei. In the future, the corneal transplant centers will continue to train and teach local primary doctors through surgical inspection through the disciplinary leader of corneal diseases, so as to truly form a hierarchical medical model with clinical diagnosis and treatment centers in provincial capitals and disease screening, blindness prevention and referral networks in prefectural and county-level hospitals.

At the same time, promoting the construction of eye bank is also a major focus of the "western travel" project. "" at present, we have started to push forward the construction of eye warehouses in yinchuan city and submitted relevant reports of eye warehouses. Other regions covered by the project inspection, such as xinjiang and shaanxi, are preparing for the construction of eye database, and are actively communicating with the local health and family planning commission and the Red Cross. We believe that in the near future, all the regions covered by the "western tour" project will be able to build their own eye Banks and donate their cornea for more people, so as to truly promote the development of corneal donation in the western region! Professor li shaowei said.

According to the Chinese medical association of ophthalmology credits before the cornea group deputy team leader, the professor of eye institute xu-guang sun introduced in Beijing, "the west line project, visits by experts, eye bank, public welfare fund aid as main contents, aims to find corneal disease model, a new diagnosis and treatment in the field of well-known experts gathered corneal transplant area, combined with the corresponding area eye bank, west to the cornea blind patients provide appropriate materials, and on the corneal transplant, training local doctors at the same time, improve the eye bank technology and corneal surgery skills, to cultivate their corneal disease doctor team in the west and the whole corneal disease diagnosis and treatment in our country, In particular, the level of corneal disease diagnosis and treatment in underdeveloped areas is an innovative measure.

The corneal transplant the west line project around by love, ophthalmic hospital to raise and booking need cornea transplant patients, national excellent inspection surgery expert group to local aid, the national 10 love eye bank, 24 joint provide material cornea transplantation, cornea donation stations to ensure patients awaiting transplants a long time can get timely treatment. For some poor patients, the eye foundation will provide assistance for the cost of surgical treatment.