The National Custom

- Aug 27, 2018-

China has long been known as a manufacturer for the world, but the Chinese eyewear brand is still at a lack of confidence. In the market competition of Chinese and foreign glasses brands, international brands, by virtue of their strong capital and brand power, soon occupied the majority of China's consumer market. The national customization series released by green vision is featured by nationalization and customization. From 2018 to 2019, we hope to create influential middle-aged and elderly progressive products in China and make huawei in the glasses industry while improving product quality. We will invest 10 million yuan to set up two independent production lines to serve more than 200 cities and provide strong supply support for more than 500 stores. We believe that in the future, national customization will go further and better. After the press conference, green eye also invited some eyewear industry personnel to have a roundtable discussion on "multi-focus progressive market and green eye's national customized products". Based on their own work experience, the guests respectively from the test center, industry chamber of commerce, eyeglass retail store, media promotion and consumer experience and other aspects of the discussion, everyone expressed their views, clear views, in the scene of the collision of wisdom.

In everyone's mind, there is a giant craftsman, dedicated to perfection, sincere and pious. Green believes that based on the "national" market with the most devout professional manufacturing spirit, he is building a "national" brand. To improve the national quality by making the "national custom progressive film" which moves people's hearts with the extreme quality.