The Production Process Of Leather Glasses Case

- May 09, 2018-

With the development of electronic equipment, more and more myopic people, then do you have a safe home for your glasses?

Our leather glasses case is a very good choice. Next, I would like to give you a brief description of the production process of leather glasses case.

Step 1. Material preparation

The main part is 16.8 cm × 21 cm rectangle, and cut one side into a circular arc.On both sides are irregular circles of 6.8 cm outer diameter and 5.4 cm inner diameter. The part of the switch is two long leather strips.

Step 2.Edge cutting

Use the edge cutter to cut the edge, and the front side is handled with the edge sharpener.

Step 3.Perforation

Use the tool to punch holes in the drawing, pay attention to the arc part of the distance measurement before the main part can be perforated, because the need to sew, so the number of holes on both sides and the theme part must be the same.

Step 4. Polish

Smooth all the sides of the leather with a polishing rod.

Step 5. Seaming

The lapped part is easier to sew up, sewing the lapped part, then stitching the side arc, a handmade leather eyeglasses case was finished.