The Truffle For Custom Glasses

- Jun 12, 2018-

Custom glasses as a product of market segmentation, glasses industry in China's future development potential is no doubt, the classification of its products and style will be more diversified and personalized, custom glasses, also indirectly to actively guide the consumer consumption, custom glasses development prospect and market potential, and ultimately more dominated by market and consumer, we look forward to more capital and enterprises into the custom of glasses industry, forming a virtuous cycle of development situation, avoid the homogeneity competition trend, broke industry limitations. Looking beyond the glasses industry, we may see the bright future of customized glasses more clearly.

The most famous customized glasses are LOTOS, a luxury in the world of glasses. The products are handmade and have sold the world's most expensive glasses for 500,000 euros.

LOTOS each deputy frames in the traditional Mosaic gold crafts craftsmen, but has continuously inject fashion style novel elements, therefore, when the design trends in the fashion industry as a reference. Each pair of LOTOS glasses is made according to individual customers, and the design can also meet special requirements.