Three New Design Patents Have Been Granted To Our Company

- Dec 25, 2017-

Wuxi Blue Feather International Ltd has been dedicated to developing new products during the past several years. Our design department keeps launching all kinds of new products to keep up with market trends. As for appearance design, we continuously develop products with unique appearance. By adjusting the structures of different products, the products become a perfect unification of beauty and practicability. Early in 2013, we have got 2 design patents for eyeglasses cases. Recently, three new design patents have been granted to our company.


The first one is a foldable eyeglasses case with pearl. Its patent number is ZL 2017 3 0225530.0. The foldable case breaks the model convention that each case can only have a fixed shape. When it is folded, its shape is like a flat wallet which is very light, delicate and handy. It can effectively help to save space in bag. When it is opened, it can form a triangular prism, which can be used to store optical eyeglasses or sunglasses as well as microfiber cloth. It can also store many small items, such as pencils, lipsticks, keys, name cards, small change and so on. It has enough space to make sure a good storage for these small items, avoiding a mess in the bag and making the inside of the bag very clean. At the same time, it has 2 delicate accessories. There is a pearl on the surface of the lid. The glittering pearl makes the case more beautiful and romantic, winning the hearts of a great number of women. Meanwhile, there is a magnet in the lid, which enables the case to close smoothly no matter it is folded or not. People don’t have to worry if the small items will drop out and they can enjoy convenience and cleanliness when using this product.


The second foldable eyeglasses case has one belt. Its patent number is ZL 2017 3 0225514.1. The basic structure is the same as the first one, but its semicircular lid pleases young women’s aesthetic sense of taste. Meanwhile, its belt makes it look like a mini handbag, making it easier for people to carry it with them.


The third foldable eyeglasses case also has one belt. Its patent number is ZL 2017 3 0225551.2. The only difference between it and the second case is the shape of lid. This case has a oblong lid, which enriches people’s choices for the appearance of products.

The three foldable eyeglasses cases satisfy people’s needs of storing eyeglasses and small items in daily life and travelling. Foldable eyeglasses case becomes a favorite in the market, which encourages us to develop more innovative products with unique designs. In the future, more and more new design patents will come and bring convenience to our customers.