Tianjin Has Launched Six Major Projects To Prevent And Control Myopia In Children And Teenagers

- Apr 20, 2019-

Of child and adolescent myopia prevention and control work, to strengthen the city's municipal education commission recently jointly with the municipal health committee and so on eight department formulated the "comprehensive prevention and control of tianjin children myopia work plan", launched the "six big projects", namely, vision, sunshine sports movement to promote health education to promote engineering project, relieves the academic burden, classroom light environment standard engineering, eyesight health comprehensive intervention project, parent-school linkage, fought the city children myopia prevention and control to be completed.

In 2023, the overall myopia rate of children and teenagers in the city will be reduced by 0.5 percentage points per year on the basis of 2018, and the high incidence rate of myopia will be reduced by 1 percentage point per year.

By 2030, to achieve the city's children new myopia rate dropped significantly, the overall level of the child and adolescent health vision significantly increased, 6 years old children myopia rate control at about 3%, pupils myopia rate dropped to below 38%, junior middle school students myopia rate dropped to below 60%, high school students myopia rate dropped to below 70%, the national standard of student physique healthy standard excellence rate reached more than 25%.www.gift-package.com