Try To Avoid Wearing Contact Lenses In Winter

- Dec 01, 2019-

Don't want to wear frame glasses and dare not perform myopia surgery? Most people are like this! So of course contact lenses are your favorite. Even if you are not short-sighted, you may have bought colorful contact lenses to make your eyes cute. However, after all, it is a "contact sheet" directly placed on the most delicate eyes. This little piece of contact lens is really troublesome!

Q: Recently, my contact lenses keep rolling in my eyes. What's going on? 

There are several reasons for this. One is that the moisture content of the contact lenses you wear is not high, which causes the glasses to be too dry. Generally, new lenses are the most prone to this situation. It is recommended that you choose a higher moisture content. Glasses; Another reason may be that your contact lenses belong to "overdue service". Generally speaking, contact lenses are more than a year and a half prone to this situation, it is necessary to change new glasses in time; in addition, follow the care you use Poor liquid quality is also related, it is recommended to change bottles of good potions. When wearing contact lenses, try to avoid rubbing your eyes. Frequent rubbing of your eyes can also cause your glasses to roll or move. 

Q: You must remove and wear contact lenses every day. It will inevitably pull the skin around your eyes. Will it increase wrinkles? 

Your worry is necessary! The eye is the most delicate part of the body's skin, and the skin around the eye is also the most susceptible to aging and relaxation. Generally, the lower eyelid is the first to be aged, followed by the upper eyelid. Pick and wear it once a day. Over time, it will naturally cause eyelids to relax and increase wrinkles. Just like a pair of shoes, if you wear it for a long time or squeeze it hard, wrinkles will accumulate. So every time 

When taking off contact lenses, be sure to move gently, stick to eye cream, and massage around the eyes for 1 minute after cleansing. 

After cleansing, apply eye cream and gently press the orbit with your middle and ring fingers to soothe eye tissues and help accelerate blood circulation around the eyes. Then start from the bridge of the nose, gently press the eyelid with the middle finger, and turn from the inner corner to the end of the eye. Finally, starting from the outer corner of the eye, gently press the eyelid with the middle finger, and press it from the end of the eye to the inner corner of the eye for 1 minute. If you persist, you can prevent and reduce wrinkles around the eye.

Q: I especially like water, I like hot springs in winter, and I like swimming in summer. Can I wear contact lenses on these two occasions?

Just as it is not recommended to wear contact lenses while taking a bath, it is best to avoid contact lenses when taking a bath, swimming, or even doing SPA. The reason is very simple. Contact lenses contain moisture, and at high temperatures in hot springs or steam baths, it is easy to cause the lenses to dehydrate and stick to the eyes, which is not easy to remove. 

Generally, doctors recommend taking off contact lenses before swimming. The quality of water in swimming pools is difficult to guarantee and contains chlorine and other chemicals. Contact lenses absorb these bad substances, which can stimulate the cornea and cause eye redness. , Discomfort, photophobia and other symptoms. 

Q: Although I have mild dry eye, I still want to wear contact lenses. Any good suggestions for me? 

From the perspective of eye health, doctors generally do not recommend that people with dry eye wear contact lenses, which can easily aggravate symptoms. If you have to wear it for some reason, it is recommended that you wear breathable rigid contact lenses. This lens material does not contain moisture, so it will not absorb natural tears in the eyes and cause dry eye deterioration. It has less effect on the cornea and the material is softer than ordinary hard lenses. However, because it is a medical appliance, please select and wear it under the guidance of an ophthalmologist to ensure eye safety. 

Q: I am very homey, and most of my shopping is online shopping. Many of the online stores have cheap prices and many colors. I feel itchy. Can I buy it with confidence? 

Most of the color contact lenses that are harmful to the eyes are caused by unsatisfactory product quality. Brand-guaranteed products can generally be used with confidence. Therefore, you must be very careful when selecting. First of all, try not to buy in small stores. Product quality and after-sales service cannot be guaranteed. The rest assured is to go to a regular optician's shop and fitting institution and choose under the guidance of a professional optometrist Buy and try on products from professional brands. Secondly, you must understand its key indicators such as oxygen permeability and comfort when selecting it. Oxygen permeability is generally expressed by DK / L. The higher the DK / L value, the better the oxygen permeability of the lens. Finally, it depends on vision center optics. The size of the area, the larger the area, the more conducive to ensuring high-definition vision. By the way, if there are other eye diseases such as trachoma, conjunctivitis, do not wear colored contact lenses. 

Q: I always think that the daily disposable contact lenses are like disposable products. The quality is definitely not as reliable as the annual disposable lenses. 

Daily or annual throws are different products designed for different wearing needs, which are essentially independent of quality. Ophthalmologists also promote the concept of "shorter and healthier". Because traditional lenses are worn for a longer period of time, the lenses tend to be dirty, more protein precipitates, and it is difficult to wash them away, which affects eye health. Daily disposable contact lenses can avoid protein precipitation and avoid eye complications due to improper care or problems with the care solution. From a comfort point of view, the moisture content, oxygen permeability, and softness of daily disposable contact lenses are higher, which has become the choice of more and more healthy people.

How do it do 4 things right, invisibility is also healthy 

8 hours is the bottom line: you can't wear contact lenses to sleep for more than 8 hours a day, and you can't wear glasses even during lunch breaks and breaks.

Follow the 2-5 principle: when the frame and contact lenses are worn alternately, it is best not to wear contact lenses for more than 5 days a week, and the frame is best to wear 2 days a week.

Do not wear during special periods: when you want to take anti-inflammatory potion, swimming, bathing, please remember to remove it first; also do not wear contact lenses during your menstrual period, pregnancy, cold, and immunity decline; and One principle to follow is to wear glasses before makeup and remove lenses before makeup. 

Regular eye examinations: Before wearing contact lenses for the first time, ask an ophthalmologist to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the eyes to rule out unsuitable conditions. After wearing them, you should review them every six months to eliminate any hidden health hazards in a timely manner.

 Myopia eye swimming solution 

For those who have a high degree of myopia, you may wish to wear swimming goggles with a degree of myopia. 

If you really need to wear contact lenses to swim, you'd better use goggles to protect contact lenses. It has a very tight seal and can prevent water from leaking into your eyes during swimming.

It is recommended to wear daily disposable contact lenses, which are discarded after use, which is safer. If it is not a day throw type, please check whether the lens is intact after landing, and clean and disinfect the lens with a care solution in time.