Ultralight Experience LOHO Carbon Fiber Fourth Generation Listing

- Aug 18, 2018-

I don't know if you often feel the weight on your metal glasses, the feeling of falling off your glasses, and the annoyance of the broken frames. Carbon fiber is a new generation of reinforced fiber. It is soft on the outside and hard on the inside. It is reputed as "black gold". In order to meet more wearing needs, LOHO became the first domestic brand label to launch carbon fiber glasses. Carbon fiber glasses of the same size are about 30 percent lighter than titanium frames, weigh less than a quarter of the weight of ordinary metal glasses, and are very comfortable and lightweight to wear. Effectively reduce the load on the bridge of the nose caused by metal. High strength, good elasticity, no deformation. Carbon fiber is made from the same elements as diamond, so it's very hard. Though lighter than ordinary metal glasses, carbon fiber glasses are harder than steel. They are more than 10 times stronger than iron. More than 2,000 degrees.

Carbon fiber glasses are resistant to acid, salt and alkali. Keep well in moist condition, not be afraid of the erosion of sweat. It greatly extends the service life of glasses.

  This LH15009 optical frame is made of carbon fiber as the raw material. It has the advantages of light, corrosion-resistant and tensile strength of carbon fiber. Feel the comfort of carbon fiber and be a fashion item for the crowd.