Unveil The Three Main Themes Of Stationery Trends

- Aug 07, 2017-

Personalization in today's era more and more can not be denied, open the international fashion trend forecast experts prepared stationery popular handbook, eyes full of the theme of the times the charm. You can easily find what color, style and materials will become the mainstream of the next season stationery products. Florence tour, high-tech office and comic style - represents the three main themes of the trend of stationery products.

The trip to Florence is a classic and romantic design, full of Tuscan style. It is characterized by the diversity of materials, from luxurious to simple appearance, using natural materials such as glossy, matt paper or rice paper, as well as brushed metal, transparent plastic, high brightness glass, man-made metal and suede. The traditional design has joined the Italian style to reflect the fashion and elegance. The basic decorative elements include mini and compose design, stripes, marble patterns and cloud patterns. The surface is decorated with artificial flowers, animals, imitation snake skin and crocodile skin, as well as architectural, musical and artistic significance of the classic mark. The theme of this theme is characterized by romance, the main product is the box, the box. Other folders, storage boxes, mini calendars are based on a variety of poetry, in different forms. Yellow, sky blue, orange, grass green and pink and other soft colors and strong black contrast.

Technology to fill the gap between sports and industry, has become a high-tech office of the popular source of inspiration for the world. High-tech materials, simple design and multi-functional products make high-tech office popular world more diverse selection of materials, from high-grade plastic, wood, gold, silver, copper, textiles, leather, suede to glass transparent material. Inspired by sports, car, art deco and kitchen, practicality and simplicity are important features of these products. Calendars, notebooks, postcards, office equipment, scissors, pins, premium pens, desk mats, folders and computer accessories are embodied in this design style. Here, the 1930s and 1970s high-tech and industrial designs provided design details. Color to full color, dark, dark shade color-based, which to fire red, brown, dark green and indigo and white to form a strong contrast.

Whimsy, fantasy, humor and love of color constitute the theme of the comic theme of the product. Materials, plastic tissue paper, reptile skin, stone, music / optical effects, green paint, rubber materials and paint-based, in addition, the dynamic stripes and dots with a little exotic folk customs. Products are clay or gypsum feel, are used in movies, folklore and exotic colors as design details. The color is as vivid, clear and passionate as this style, including gold, violet, grass green, olive green and emerald colors, contrasting with the gray, adding color to the design.