VISION IBOOK Health Records Exclusive Listing Of Star VISION &Airdoc

- Aug 08, 2018-

Due to retinal blood vessels and nerves is the only can be directly observed the blood vessels and nerves of the body, blood vessels and nerves for screening of chronic diseases is of great significance, Airdoc team to view as a starting point, from the top hospitals at home and abroad to collect millions of medical imaging, professor invited more than 300 top cross annotations, convolution neural network to build more than 100 layer, eventually developed Airdoc chronic disease recognition algorithm. This technology has been highly recognized internationally. In 2017, Airdoc boarded the hospital ship peace ark and visited six African countries on behalf of China, providing AI medical services for the crew and the people visiting the country.


In China, not only is the population of diabetes increasingly large, but the number of hypertension patients is up to 270 million (data source: 2017 national health and family planning commission regular press conference), more than three-quarters of them are young and middle-aged. In addition, in the case of macular degeneration, the rate of blindness caused by non-treatment reached 80%. In China, one person is blind every one minute. (data source: 2018 GPU technology conference).

The AI fundus camera is a smart fusion of more than 300 top medical experts. With the help of AI, any qualified doctor can accurately read the information of patients' fundus. Airdoc's slow disease recognition system is like a stepping stone, opening the door to the widespread use of fundus photography.