Vuzix Has Teamed Up With Plessey To Develop The Next Generation Of AR Smart Glasses

- Aug 14, 2018-

Vuzix is one of the well-known suppliers of augmented reality (AR) smart glasses technology and works with numerous companies and brands. Vuzix has now announced a partnership with Plessey Semiconductor to bring Plessey technology to the next generation of Vuzix AR smart glasses.

Vuzix chose Plessey Semiconductor to help develop the next generation of AR smart glasses. The company will integrate the microLED Quanta-Brite light engine into future AR smart glasses.

Based on Plessey's proprietary gallium nitride or gan-on-si technology, qunate-brite can be used to create very bright and uniform light sources that can be used to illuminate advanced display engines. It is 50% smaller than existing lighting systems and has advantages in power efficiency and weight.

Dr Keith Strickland, Plessey's chief technology officer, said: "" the collaboration with Vuzix, a leading supplier of next-generation augmented reality glasses, is an important support for Plessey's silicon-based GaN base micro LED approach. The rapid rise of single-chip microLED technology as the only microLED technology capable of providing small contour size and high brightness with minimal energy consumption is essential for reducing costs and implementing lightweight battery powered products for a range of emerging consumer and industrial applications.