What Is The Best Way To Deal With Myopia?

- Aug 13, 2019-

Expert research shows that:


Excessive use of the eye at close range is the culprit in causing myopia! There are several effective methods to deal with excessive fatigue caused by close-eye use.


Method 1: Fog relaxation method


The fog-relaxing method is to simulate the far-sighted thing through the instrument to achieve the fogging effect, so that the ciliary muscle can be fully relaxed. This method can not only prevent the occurrence of myopia, but also control the growth of myopia, or even reduce the wearing. Mirror degree.


Method 2: Extremely far-reaching method


Nowadays, children generally use too many eyes at close range. Especially in the city, children are more affected by high-rise buildings. Therefore, it is a very practical way to prevent myopia by taking children to the place where the vision is wide.


Method 3: Eye stick cold compress method


At present, there are many eye patches on the market that are specially designed to prevent myopia and relieve eye fatigue. The Chinese herbal ingredients contained in the market are very useful for nourishing the eyes. At the same time, the eyes can get a full rest when posting.


Method 4: Instrument Training


To prevent myopia and increase the number of prevention and control, some effective training equipment is essential. For example: flip mirror, gather ball, crack ruler, massager, etc., as long as they are used consistently, they can achieve very good results.