What Is The Difference Between An Umbrella Wholesale And An Umbrella?

- Aug 07, 2017-

To we have done so many years since the umbrella manufacturers, for a variety of umbrella varieties or samples can be said to be different, especially for the factory to the wholesale umbrella or to the factory to do advertising umbrella, then The difference between the two methods is great.

Assuming to buy wholesale umbrella, usually have to order a month or two in advance, because the wholesale class umbrella style is usually not just a simple, with umbrella fabric, color, printing, the number is a lot, Like this wholesale class of umbrellas, we usually do not need to produce in accordance with the number of orders for customers to produce, it is because the umbrella wholesale customers generally choose the style of color is usually a variety of styles.

If the customer chooses to do a kind of umbrella when asked to do three kinds of colors, so that each color to do 1000, so we can say that some of the colors we can do 900. Some of the colors can be done 1100, because the umbrella wholesale is used to do the wholesale market, so usually the number of colors is not so consistent is possible, and the number of wholesale umbrellas are generally large, so often the material is not enough, So the number of different customers can be received, we can also in accordance with the umbrella factory production of their own time to get a good plan, it can be said that the wholesale category of umbrella customers for our umbrella manufacturers is better control.

If it is specifically to the umbrella factory custom umbrella, then the requirements are not the same, and we must also be in accordance with the requirements of the production of umbrellas, assuming that customers also require the number of umbrella packaging, as well as fabric requirements, color printing, etc. Must be done in full accordance with the requirements of the customer to do, like the customer custom made a number of advertising umbrella, they require custom color is white and blue of the 300, then we have a little less, How many numbers have to do the number of, and can not say how much to do a few white, blue to do a few less.

Also, suppose that the customer has asked the umbrella of the packaging requirements, umbrella wholesale, then the customer will generally not how to ask, we only need to pack our umbrella in accordance with the number of conventional packaging to packaging, as long as it will not make in the logistics Damage to the transport process can be damaged, but often custom-made umbrella customers, the number of packages for the general will be required, and we will be the customer's request to pack its packaging and the requirements of whether there is no box, etc. Wait.

So in general, do umbrella wholesale customers for our umbrella manufacturers can control, and custom umbrella type of customer is to be customer requirements to decide, so these two types of customers for us are not The same, we will know in advance before the production of these two customers and so on.