What Is The Umbrella Of A Golf Umbrella?

- Aug 07, 2017-

Golf umbrella, as the name suggests will make people misunderstood that the umbrella on the golf course, in fact, is not simply the case. Strictly speaking, golf umbrella should belong to the umbrella is a high-grade umbrella, it is not only high-end atmosphere on the grade, but also very durable, ordinary umbrella can not be called a golf umbrella. Golf umbrella has a charm, it can be when we first see the golf umbrella when the usual impulse would like to have such an umbrella of the impulse.

Today, we come to know about this high-grade umbrella golf umbrella in the end what is special?

Golf umbrella with other umbrellas is the main difference is that its size is generally relatively large, usually distract the size of more than 1.3, we umbrella industry is generally known as 27 inches. So that kind of small one support, can not be regarded as a golf umbrella.

Followed by golf umbrella fabric is usually the choice of higher point of the fabric, like PG cloth, PG silver tape, gold tape, etc., usually rarely say that people do golf umbrella will choose to do polyester cloth, because the whole Umbrella looks grade is not enough.

And then the choice of umbrella in the umbrella, the use of golf umbrella materials are also selected relatively high-grade materials, such as aluminum, fibrous bone, usually rarely choose to do iron, so only conventional ordinary straight umbrella More choice of iron ribs.

In the choice of umbrella, the general golf umbrella will choose EVA, or spray rubber paint the majority, so with the golf umbrella looks more high-end grade. So, golf umbrella umbrella is a high-grade umbrella is justified, it is the entire umbrella material is made of high-grade materials, so that its quality is certainly not bad where, and therefore the price of golf umbrella is usually Will be a bit higher.

So we can choose the golf umbrella before it can understand the size of its material structure, and so on, there is a more important issue is to see the cost of the price we can accept, if beyond the original budget, then the best Naturally choose other models of the umbrella, but if you want to have high-grade grade and can accept the price, then of course the best choice is custom golf umbrella style! The so-called penny it!