What Should I Pay Attention To When Wearing Glasses?

- Aug 01, 2019-

1. You can't just wear other people's frame glasses. The eyeglass lens degree of each person, the distance between the optical centers of the two lenses, the length of the temples, and the height of the nose pads are different, so you can't wear other people's glasses.


2. The frame frame cannot be twisted by force. When one hand picks up and wears glasses, the frame can be deformed due to uneven force. Therefore, when using and wearing glasses, use both hands. Also check the screws on the frame for looseness and deformation of the frame. If the screw is found to be loose, tighten it in time to avoid the lens falling off and breaking.


3. Frame glasses frames should not be too loose or too tight, the distance between the two temples of the glasses, the curvature of the temples should be appropriate, and the glasses should not be too loose or too tight. The eye must face the optical center of the lens, otherwise it will produce a triangular prism effect, causing symptoms such as visual distortion, dizziness, dizziness, sore eyes, fatigue, and even strabismus.


4. When the lens is dirty or dirty, dry rubbing is easy to grind the lens. It is recommended to rinse with water and then use a paper towel to dry the water and then dry it with a special glasses cloth. When the lens is dirty, it is recommended to wash it with a low concentration of neutral detergent, then rinse with water.


5. Wear frame glasses, do not participate in strenuous exercise, because strenuous exercise may smash the glasses, causing eye damage.


6. Glasses must be worn with both hands. When placing the table, the lens must face up. When not in use, please do not put it on the side of high temperature objects such as heating and stove. Do not put it in the closed car in summer, and do not wear glasses to wash it. Sauna, because high temperatures can deform the glasses and damage the optical function of the lens.