Why Are Anti-blue Glasses More And More Popular?

- Apr 03, 2019-

According to the National Vision Health White Paper, the population of myopia in China is as high as 450 million, and the World Health Organization has already classified myopia as a blinding eye disease.

According to incomplete surveys, it is widely believed that the biggest cause of myopia is mobile phones.
That is, the high-energy blue light emitted by the mobile phone screen. Therefore, anti-blue glasses have gradually become the first choice for most people's glasses, which is why anti-blue glasses are becoming more and more popular.

Blue light: A light having a relatively high energy wavelength between 380 nm and 495 nm, and the blue light contains harmful light and beneficial light.

Research shows that digital display products based on LED technology such as computer monitors, mobile phones, and tablet computers emit high-energy blue light.

What can an anti-blue lens do when we face digital products?

1. Anti-harmful light: The visible light is obviously reduced by the naked eye, and the range of reduction is in line with national standards, which can reduce the damage to retinal cells and reduce the induced oxidative stress reaction;

2, anti-UV: anti-blue lens also has anti-UV function, UV transmittance is significantly reduced;

3, beneficial light: almost no isolation of the beneficial light in the blue light, beneficial light can penetrate the anti-blue lens, not affect the secretion of melatonin and mood regulation, etc.