Why Does The Child’s Vision Not Rise And Fall In The Summer Vacation?

- Aug 11, 2019-

Studies have shown that if adolescents do not perform eyesight training and behavioral restraint in time, after the holiday, the child does not improve their vision because of the relaxation and rest of the long vacation. Instead, the child becomes a high incidence of myopia in the aftermath of the holiday!


Why is this so?


The children are separated from the management of the school teachers. At home, there are often no adults to take care of them at any time. The order of life is disordered. They can play computer, watch TV, and play games without restraint. Their eyes are always fixed on the screen, and it is only a few hours.


Children's eyeball development is not yet mature. Continuous eye-catching illuminating screens use eye movements at a close distance. The damage to the eyes is particularly large. The data shows that watching TV for 4 hours continuously will reduce vision by half! It is not difficult to understand: Why is it that when the holiday is over, when the child comes to school, he suddenly finds that the words on the blackboard cannot be seen clearly, and the eyes are nearsighted.