Win The ’National Vision Defence War’ With ’Action’

- Aug 14, 2019-

Guarding the light of life begins with the child. The latest National Health Action (2019-2030) issued by the state proposes that the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents nationwide will be reduced by more than 0.5 percentage points per year, and the myopia rate of primary school students will fall below 38%...


From the country to the small family, people are coming. The more you feel, the children's vision is not only to "care", but also to act and play a "defense war for all". At present, the age of myopia is getting smaller and smaller, the degree of myopia is increasing, and the cause of myopia is multiplied. The survey shows that the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in China is 53.6% in 2018.


How is the status of myopia in children “severe”?


According to the monitoring findings, the hazards related to myopia in our country are widespread. For example, 67% of students spend less than two hours a day on outdoor activities, and 29% have only one hour. 73% of students do not meet the standard sleep time every day. The post-class work time and the long-distance use of eye time are too long. Unreasonable use of electronic products and other bad eye behaviors is widespread.


In November 2016, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the State General Administration of Sports jointly issued the “Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Myopia for Children and Adolescents”, which calls for strengthening the prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents; August 30, 2018, Education The Ministry of Health and the National Health and Health Commission jointly issued the "Integrated Prevention and Control Program for Children and Adolescents with Myopia", and introduced a series of hard measures for children and adolescents to protect their eyes, prevent and control myopia, total myopia and physical fitness. Health status is included in government performance appraisal. It can be seen that the problem of "small glasses" has attracted the attention of relevant departments.This time, the state's latest "Healthy China Action (2019-2030)" proposed that children's vision not only must "care", but also act to play a "national vision defense war."


The author believes that using "action" to win "the whole people's vision defense war", this is the best "protection" and "care" for "small glasses." However, the author believes that it is necessary to use "action" to win the "National Vision Warfare". It is advisable to start with "two hands". A lot of control work is done. The students in the school, especially the primary and middle school students, are “influenced” in the sea almost all day due to the “impact” of the baton of the student, and most of the students return home after the homework. Some students can't finish their homework, and some students even "buried" in the sea at 11 or 2 o'clock in the evening. So day after day, year after year, the students’ “small eyes” don’t know how much “heavy pressure” they have to bear.


Can “small eyes” not be nearsighted?


The second is to control the use of electronic products too much. Right now, in the era of the Internet, smart phones, computers and other electronic products have everything. Especially for the majority of students, due to their weak self-control ability and strong curiosity, they often “stick” to electronic products such as mobile phones and computers. Although some teachers and parents have adopted various methods to restrict their children from playing mobile phones and playing computers, many students still "try to find ways" to sneak into playing mobile phones and playing computers. After a long time, "small eyes" naturally become nearsighted. Therefore, the author believes that care and care for "small glasses", in addition to the children's and adolescents myopia prevention and control work, overall myopia and physical health status into the government performance appraisal, more importantly, through "actual action", from the actual Start to reduce the amount of work and reduce the use of electronic products, let the children participate in some outdoor sports, sleep more, then effectively prevent and control the trend of children's and adolescents' near-sightedness, and truly resolve the "small glasses" myopia rate. The predicament of being high and the bright and healthy "eyes" of children and adolescents. In this way, it is truly winning a "national vision defense war."