Without A Pair Of Good Glasses, How Can You See The World?

- May 19, 2019-

The plate is integrated with a full-frame glasses frame, and there is no nose pad. If you love oil, you can't stay for two seconds on the nose in the summer. You may have learned to be smart, and bought a "silica nose pad." Indeed, sticking to the nose pads of the plate glasses, the anti-slip effect is significantly stronger than before. However, the continuous effect is really an egg. After wearing it for a long time, I feel a big bang on the bridge of the nose. There is always something on the side of the eye. It is easy to remove the glue and lift a corner. It is very embarrassing. In addition to summer skiing, winter is not worrying – when you just enter the door or eat noodle soup, you change your throat. Solution, many people recommend using soapy water to wipe the lens, but in fact you can buy a "glass anti-fog agent", which is the kind of swimming mirror anti-fog spray. On the Internet, the winter spray on the glasses, the effect is good. By the way, there is a fatal problem that crashes every time I want to wear sunglasses every summer. I have a friend who used to have a pair of sunglasses with a degree. Of course, it is very convenient during the day. I wear sunglasses with a degree outside, and then go back to the room and put on ordinary glasses to seamlessly connect. But the embarrassing thing came. One time, my colleagues made a temporary rise to watch a movie. It happened that she only took the sunglasses on that day, so she wore a pair of sunglasses to watch the movie, and she felt very big!