Xi'an Incorporates The Prevention And Control Of Myopia Into The Performance Appraisal Of District And County Governments

- Feb 24, 2019-

Recently, Xi'an Municipal Education Bureau and Xi'an Municipal Health Planning Commission jointly announced 10 measures to comprehensively prevent and control children and adolescents' myopia, effectively reducing the excessive burden of primary and secondary school students in and out of class, improving students' physical fitness and reducing the electronic products brought by mobile phones and computers. Vision hazard, take care of your child's eyes.

Xi'an requires that schools should strictly follow the requirements of quality education, national curriculum and curriculum standards, and should not increase or decrease the class time, change the difficulty, adjust the progress, and effectively achieve the "zero starting point" of normal teaching. No written homework is arranged in the first and second grades of primary school. The written homework of other grades must not exceed 60 minutes, and junior high school should not exceed 90 minutes. Resolutely control the number of unified examinations in the compulsory education stage. The first and second grades of primary school shall not exceed one semester, and the other grades shall not exceed two times per semester. In principle, the use of electronic products in schools for teaching does not exceed 30% of the total duration of teaching.

  Xi'an clearly, from 2019 to 2020, completed the city's school light source inspection and improvement work. From 2019 onwards, the annual coverage of eye care and eye exams for children aged 0-6 is over 90%. The children's and adolescents' myopia prevention and control work, overall myopia rate and physical health status shall be included in the performance appraisal of the district/county government and the development zone management committee. By 2023, we will strive to achieve an overall myopia rate of more than 0.5 percentage points per year on the basis of 2018. The district/county government, the development zone management committee and the school that have reduced the physical and mental health of children and adolescents for three consecutive years are accountable according to the law.www.gift-package.com