Xingchuang Vision AI Is Famous Internationally, CNBC Global Live Interview

- Feb 25, 2019-

Recently, the US Financial Channel (CNBC) interviewed Wang Zhimin, the chairman of Xingchuang's video, which attracted international attention. The Chinese optical industry combined with AI to transform into a big health and renewed heated discussion: In China, AI technology development leads the world, and AI and the optical industry are innovative. The combination will help solve the problem of uneven distribution of health resources in China and deterioration of national vision.
  At the end of November, CNBC and the Nansha District Government of Guangzhou jointly hosted the “2018CNBC Global Technology Conference”. CNBC's well-known host Geoff Cutmore interviewed Wang Zhimin, the chairman of Xingchuang Vision, and evaluated the development of China's optometry industry as “unbelievable”. CNBC official website has completed a full report on this