Xu Huawei: The National People's Congress:Don't Let Glasses Become A Standard For Children

- Mar 13, 2019-

Xu Huawei: the National People's Congress:Don't let glasses become a standard for children

Xu Huazhen, deputy of the National People's Congress and Chinese teacher of Jingzhou Experimental Middle School:
    According to a study by the World Health Organization, the rate of myopia among young people in China ranks first in the world. According to the survey conducted by the Ministry of Education in China's first "China Compulsory Education Quality Monitoring Report", only in the fourth and eighth grade students, the detection rate of visual acuity was 36.5% and 65.3%, respectively, of which the eighth grade students were severe. The bad ratio is over 30%. It can be seen that the problem of poor eyesight is prominent.
   "Myopia" is not a common "small thing". It will not only damage the child's personal health, but also affect their lifelong development, and will also have a negative impact on social development. According to the Ministry of Education's "Guiding Opinions on the Enrollment of General Colleges and Universities", specialties such as flight technology, navigation technology, fire engineering, criminal science and technology, reconnaissance, and marine ship driving have clear requirements for vision. If the problem of adolescents' eyesight is not effectively controlled in time, there will be fewer and fewer people studying related professions and related professions in the future, and they will even face the dilemma of “following no one”.
   Suggestions: Vigorously strengthen young people's visual health education; effectively improve students' visual environment; effectively protect students' outdoor activities; improve innovative eye exercises; strengthen assessment accountability, ensure youth vision protection work is effective; and incorporate eye protection for young people The content of the adult protection law is guaranteed by law.www.gift-package.com