Zhejiang Visionlight Industry Technology Innovation Service Platform

- Jun 27, 2018-

Zhejiang optical industry technological innovation service platform is led by wenzhou medical college, zhejiang glasses products quality inspection center, Chinese academy of sciences, ningbo material technology and engineering research institute, zhejiang east optical glasses co., LTD., zhejiang tai heng optical co., LTD., joint implementation of the strategic alliance of industry, such as unit. Wenzhou medical college as a key construction university in zhejiang province, in recent years, pay attention to the discipline characteristic, dislocation competition, attaches great importance to the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, in biological pharmaceutical, medical apparatus and instruments, eyes see light industry and so on have carried out fruitful work, in the combination of regional advantages. Zhejiang optical industry technological innovation service platform will rely on our eye optical education resource advantage and function of national continuing education base and so on, focus on cultivating talents, depending on the light industry technology and science and technology enterprises to guide and support enterprises to strengthen the various forms of manufacture-learning-research cooperation, promote glasses of zhejiang province enterprise of scientific research and innovation ability, organize the implementation of major key visual light industry technology research and development, achievements transformation and industrialization of the project, to speed up the application of new and high technology and advanced applicable technology. Glasses products quality inspection center, zhejiang province, as the core of the platform unit will give full play to its arbitration inspection function, spectacle frame and lens, sunglasses, glasses, contact lenses of detection and material analysis, etc.

, zhejiang optical industry technological innovation service platform construction area of 6800 ㎡, with a period of about 3600 ㎡ laboratories and form a complete set of housing have been put into use, the platform of existing fixed assets of more than 1000 ten thousand yuan, including more than 320 ten thousand yuan of total cost of the equipment. Platform also consists of the board of trustees, the advisory committee, supervision and administration commission, will be effective coordination between research institutions and enterprises of the division of labor and cooperation, solve bottleneck problems in optical product technology supply. Zhejiang optical industry technological innovation service platform is also encouraging optical products companies actively involved in the construction and development of this platform, the realization of the aim of income-generating win-win platform development and enterprises, promote the wenzhou in zhejiang province and even the innovation of science and technology, the new contribution for the sustainable development of zhejiang province.