Zhenjiang Wanxin Again Hatching 'tide' Glasses Storm

- Jul 28, 2018-

On February 17th, three days of the 17th China (Shanghai) international glasses industry exhibition perfect end, zhenjiang new optical glasses co., LTD with plate rack, stainless steel series products, such as frame products at the Shanghai exhibition, for the guests bring a stunning visual feast, fashion, cool frame by the dealer's consistent high praise. In this Shanghai exhibition, the fashion frames have attracted countless eyeballs, all of which demonstrate the pursuit of quality of zhenjiang wanxin. Stainless steel series, the combination of high-quality stainless steel and various alloy materials, its surface plating technology is exquisite and not easy to fade, the style is elegant, novel and comfortable to wear, in the design, fully reflect its exquisite, elegant personality, the promotion of individuality, color quietly elegant, revealing the pursuit of high quality. Plate lens frame is not make public, but the color that reveals oneself implicitly new proposal, the material of high quality processing, ensured the comfortable feeling of wearing person, won't produce allergy reaction. In the design, the combination of the market trend and the metal material, the metal texture and the thickness of the plate, all of which reveal the classic fashion of 10,000 new plate frames. Sunglasses series with neutral frame match a variety of colors, reflect the modern men and women's fashion and avant-garde style.